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Advanced Treatments For Piles

Piles are a collection of inflamed and swollen tissue and veins. Pile sizes vary and can be inside or outside the anus. Pile occurs due to chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, heavy lifting, pregnancy, or Straining while passing stool. Pile is graded on an I to IV scale. Grade III or IV may require surgery.

In many cases, final treatment refers to surgery with an incision in the affected area, which is generally known to be painful, has a long recovery, has multiple dressings, and visits the clinic. Despite experiencing so much discomfort, there is a significant risk of recurrence.

New advances in surgery are now available. This can improve the overall experience. Vithai piles clinic is to help the patients get over the fear of surgery and find a solution for the problem.

Advanced Treatments For Piles

1. Stapler Surgery

Stapler surgery or Stapled hemorrhoidectomy is a surgical procedure for treating piles and is the treatment of choice for III-degree Piles.

For stapled hemorrhoidectomy, insert a circular hollow tube into the anal canal. Through this tube, the actual woven suture (a long thread) is placed in the anal canal above the internal Piles. The end of the suture is pulled out of the anus through the hollow tube. Thread a disposable instrument with a round stapling device through the first hollow tube and pull the end of the suture.

2. Infrared Coagulation

Infrared coagulation (also called coagulation therapy) is a medical procedure used to treat small and medium piles. This treatment is only for internal piles. During the procedure, the doctor uses a device that produces a strong infrared beam. The heat created by the infrared radiation causes scar tissue and cuts off the blood supply to the scar. The Piles dies and scars form on the wall of the anal canal. Scar tissue holds nearby veins in place and does not bulge into the anal canal.

Only one pile can be treated at a time. Other piles may be treated every 10-14 days. This medical procedure can be performed using other devices, such as lasers or electrical currents, that also block the laser’s blood supply.

3. Laser Treatment

Lasers clear piles with high levels of precision that are absent in conventional surgical methods. Laser treatment for piles is less invasive. There is no need to cut the tissue. The affected area is easily and precisely treated with laser energy and the problem is resolved within minutes. Patients can resume normal life immediately after surgery.

This process can be completed in a few minutes and the patient can be discharged on the same day. No cuts, seams, wounds, bandages. There is slight pain or bleeding. They can eat a regular meal within 4 hours of the procedure and resume their daily work within 24-48 hours. There are no restrictions and there is no need to consult a doctor.

4. Kshara Sutra Treatment

Kshara Sutra Treatment is a safe and cost-effective method of treatment for Piles. In Kshara Sutra Treatment of piles specialized Graded Ksharsutra is ligated on the root of pile mass So that pile mass shrinks and gets detached in a week or 10 days. There is no bleeding or pain because it does not require surgery.

Our piles specialist doctor in Pune provide effective, minimally invasive, safe and painless treatment. Our clinic carefully choose the medical procedure and treatment required for your piles