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Best Piles Clinic in Pune

At Vithai Piles Clinic, we take pride in being called the best Piles Treatment center in Pune and PCMC area. Over the past decade, we have gained experience by treating over 10,000 patients. Our team of best piles doctors in Pune offers Medicinal and surgical treatment for piles cases of all four stages. For the best Piles treatment in Pune, call our main desk today!

Definition of Piles?

Pile is a condition that causes rectal bleed. In Piles, the lower abdomen i.e. anorectal pathway of the patient shows inflammation and bleeding. Piles are also called Hemmeroids. The blood vessels in the anorectal pathways swell in Piles. This narrows the path down, thereby making bowel movement more and more difficult. This causes pain and bleeding during the bowel movement. Usually, patient experiences more blood and less pain in Piles, when compared with other anorectal disorders.

How to diagnose Piles?

Piles are usually self-diagnosed. the bloody stools and pain while motions are the first sign of Piles. More advanced signs of having piles can be a visible red mass of swolen blood vessels protruding out of the anal opening.

Piles diagnosis is an important step in treatment. Contact Vithai Pile clinic for expert piles treatment in Pune area.

Some Common Symptoms of Piles -

Common symptoms for diagnosing Piles can be Bloody stools and Pain while bowel movements. Blood in the stools is by far the most common symptom. In Piles, the pain while motions are a relatively less severe symptom, when compared to other anarectal diseases. Other symptoms may include blood in undergarments, itching sensation near anus, extreme pain during bowel movements, etc. In worst cases, there is visible swollen mass of tissue protruding out of anal opening. In such cases, patient experience difficulty in daily movements, walking and sitting. At Vithai Piles Clinic, we treat piles patients with light to severe symptoms. Our state of the art clinical equipment’s and the team of best Piles doctors in Pune are just one step away from making you Piles-free.

Stages of Piles (Hemorrhoids)-

We usually classify Piles into 4 stages

Stage 1 Piles (Hemorrhoids) -

In this stage, the disease has just begun. The symptoms are mild and it is most convenient to control the spread of Piles and cure the patient. Patient in this stage experience mild pain and bleeding during bowel movement. The bleeding may be observed during or just after bowel movements. Early diagnosis and treatment in this stage help avoid future pain to the patient. The patient has mild to no risk of infection in this stage at Vithai Piles clinic, our top Piles specialists focus on treating the patient in this stage only.

Stage 2 Piles (Hemorrhoids) -

In this stage, the patient experiences more blood loss and pain than in the previous stage. The swelling of anal tissue is more, and thus there is a chance that the tissue might come out during bowel movements. The swelling narrows down the rectal path and thus increasing the discomfort of the patient.

Stage 3 Piles (Hemorrhoids) -

The swelling in this stage increases. The anal tissue protrudes from the anus and causes physical discomfort to the patient when for day-to-day activity and movement. This protrusion can be pushed back to the anal cavity. This process can be painful. The rectal pathway in this stage, narrows down further, thereby increasing the pain during bowel movements. The chances of infection in this stage are very high. If the conditions do not improve by non-surgical treatments and medications, we recommend going for a surgical alternative for treatment.

Stage 5 Piles (Hemorrhoids) -

In this stage, the piles are most painful. This stage is marked by extreme blood loss during motions, intermittent anal bleeding, extreme pain even during day-to-day activities, and so on. The mass of swollen anal tissue protrudes out of the anus and cannot be further pushed back. We recommend going for surgical treatment, as the medication takes time to become effective against such advanced conditions. Also, if not treated properly,4th stage piles get transformed into the fistula or other anorectal infection.

The course of Treatment of Piles

At Vithai Piles Clinic, our experts believe in administering surgical treatment only when necessary. We do not want you to go through unnecessary surgeries. Having said this, we do not recommend altogether avoiding surgeries. We also specialize in Anorectal surgeries for Piles and Fistula, and we recommend the patient to opt for them when we feel necessary. Rest assured, because, at Vithai Piles Center, you are safe in the hands of top Piles doctors in Pune.

For Medications and nonsurgical treatment, we recommend anti-inflammation drugs, painkillers, and other medicines that help the wound heal. We also provide you the ones that will help you keep the area clean and disinfected. The medication can take some time to set in and be effective. Thus, we recommend the medication for stage 1 and stage 2 only. For advanced stages of Piles, we opt for a hybrid treatment, with both surgical and nonsurgical approaches.

For stage 3 and stage 4 piles, there are good chances of the disease advancing to fistula or other rectal infection. Thus, we operate on the patient. The operation can be open anorectal surgery or laser surgery. Our surgeons are experts in handling piles cases and perform the surgeries with minimal risk.

The recovery period for regular open anorectal surgery is up to 4 weeks, while laser surgery takes less than one week to heal. This is the healing period for surgical wounds. For the Piles or fissures, it can take up to 4 to 6 weeks for complete recovery.

For faster recovery, our dieticians also draw a customized diet plan for patients. This diet plan sets the patient on a high fiber diet, which helps faster healing in Piles and Fistula.

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