Piles is varicosities of rectal veins. Due to straining at stool and chronic constipation these veins get higher blood supply. And as more blood runs through these veins it exerts more pressure on vein. When this pressure is beyond the limit the wall becomes torturous and elongated. For better understanding we have seen swollen bluish veins over legs of people who use to have strainous work or long standing work. Once this veins get elongated it never reduces in size. May it will stay as it is or if strain continues it elongates more.

There are 4 Stages of Piles.

In first degree pile mas become swollen but it won't come out of anus. Bleeding is only symptom in first degree.

second degree hemorrhoids these pile mass comes out of anus. But reduces by itself.

Third degree internal hemmorhoids is the mass which comes out after defecation but never reduces itself. Patient has to push it inside with help of finger.

4th degree internal hemorrhoids are the the internal mass which comes out through the anus after defecation and never goes back inside the anus.

There is another devidations of hemorrhoids.

Internal Hemorrhoid and external hemorrhoid.

External hemorrhoids are the components which is covered by skin at anal verge.

In some patients internal external it can be seen.


Reason behind this pathology is Strain over the blood vessels within anus. This strain can be created by many activities. Such as long standing constipation, long time sitting, vehicles use with long driving, sitting for long over toilet sit, use of non - fibre diet, liver pathologies with dysfunction, Chronic alcoholism etc.

  • Genetic or Hereditary
  • Bleeding during defecation
  • Constipation and diarrhea
  • Obesity
  • Standing for a long time
  • Pregnancy
  • Straining while passing stool
  • Low-fiber diet


If patient is in initial stage then understanding the causes of piles can get rid from disease. But once the disease is already progressed then it never get back normal. Because it is an anatomical change over anal canal. Minimal invasive method are available for treatment. Such as laser treatment, rubber band ligation, injection treatment for piles, ksharsutra treatment. These all can choose wisely as per need of pathology.

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