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dr atul patil best piles doctor vithai piles hospital in pune

Dr. Atul Patil M.S. Shalyatantra

Consultant and associate professor At Dr. D Y Patil Ayurveda College, Pimpri, Pune.

Dr.Atul Patil is working in Pcmc area of pune since last 12 years in his Vithai piles hospital in pune. He has developed some of his techniques in fistula treatment, which is best combination of laser treatment for piles, laser treatment for fissure, laser treatment for fistula and also ksharsutra treatment for piles, fissure and fistula. He believes that Conventional methods are developed by experience of thousands of surgeons over the year. Adding some of advances in conventional method to avoid drawbacks of conventional methods benefits lot to patients. He has developed these techniques his own. And the results are thousands of happy patients.

He explain the disease and pathology what patient have, in very good manner. He has good skill to assure the patient about the procedures. Video proctoscopy or pathology imaging gives exact knowledge of pathology/ disesase to patient what he/she suffering from. He has trained no of students in the field of anorectal diseases. Participated in many seminar and workshop to update the knowledge in this field.... He is expertise in assuring patients by his words and treatment too. Along with treatment he makes patient to concentrate on healthy digestion habits and good lifestyle. Most of his patients are only cured by following healthy digestion habits. Patients are really admiring his daily routines advice. He strongly believes that one surgeon is best who keeps you away from surgery. And whenever needs he goes for right procedure. Dr.Atul Patil has done his education from Government college at Ernakulam. As being fellow of government hospital he has touch of treating all the layers of society. That makes him humble and helpful. He is professor at Dr. D. Y. Patil college and institute since last 10 years. Being teacher and researcher makes him explain each and every elapses of disease to his piles patients. Treating the cause of disease is fundamental of his treatments plan. Other than this he is polite and humble personality. His kindness towards his patients is adorable. That’s the reasons his thousands of patients are connected with him since years. Dr.Atul Patil is the best piles doctor in pune and they are making him popular by referring the patient.

dr sarita patil Gynaecologist lady doctor for piles vithai piles hospital pune

Dr. Sarita Patil Proctologist and Gynaecologist

Director- Vithai Piles hospital, Kasarwadi, Pune.

Dr.Sarita Patil is lady proctologist with gynaecologist at piles clinic in pune. She is lady doctor for piles in pune And she’s speciality treating female patients suffering from piles, fissure and fistula. She assumes that lady patient pathology with Piles treatment, Fissure treatment and Fistula treatment are much different from males. Because the causes, pathophysiology and progress of disease are different in females. Pregnancy and delivering a baby are the main events in females life which can effect these diseases in female. Even emotional changes, mood changes, lifespan changes from puberty to menopause have different effect of bowel movements. Emotional disturbance can effect the bowel movements which should be treated with consideration emotional support.

One lady counsellor can understand it well. Disturbed menstrual cycle, PCOD, Thyroid are the diseases which has great impact over Gastro intestinal system, and eventually over constipation and piles like diseases. Dr.Sarita Patil is best piles lady doctor in pune and she has great skill to diagnose the root of disease. Her patients are very much impressed with her explaination. She is focused on changing lifestyle and diet to cure disease more effectively. Over last 10 years she has treated many complicated fistulas. Also the patients with piles, fissure, and fistulas with other associated diseases are treated by her successfully....

She has completed her post graduate studies of gynaecology from most reputed YCM hospital in pimpri chinchwad. She is trained in laser technology from Jalander and Bhubaneshwar. She has attended many national and international seminars to keep herself updated. Her video explanation to make understand the disease for patients who are concern with disease progress. She is not treating patients only, but also taking consideration of family, social and personalproblems of each female individuals. Being female, she strongly believes that women are the backbone of family as well of society. Keeping a woman healthy in one family keeps whole family happier. She has earned thousands of smiles from successfully treated patients. Feminine delicate touch of her treatment with advanced laser treatment for Piles, laser treatment for fissure and also laser treatment for fistula is secret of her success.

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