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What Is Piles ? (मूळव्याध)

Hemorrhoids, commonly referred to by the name of Piles (Mulvyadh), are the enlarged veins located in the lower rectum and anus, which look like varicose veins or pimples at the anus. Commonly, hemorrhoids and mulvyadh, as well as piles, can strike any person due to a lifestyle of sedentary behavior, poor fiber intake in food, and a lack of activity. In the rectum or under the skin of anus areas, hemorrhoids may appear. These arteries' walls could cause irritation when they expand. Constipation or pregnancy, as well as advanced age, are some of the reasons for their appearance. Hemorrhoids can affect up to three-quarters of adults.

what is piles treatment vithai piles clinic pune
piles symptoms vithai piles clinic pune

Symptoms Of Piles

  • Itching or irritation in your anal region
  • Pain or discomfort
  • Swelling around your anus
  • Bleeding
  • Severe pain
  • Inflammation
  • A hard lump near your anus

Our Doctors

dr atul patil best piles doctor vithai piles hospital pune

Dr. Atul Patil (M.S. (Shalyatantra))

Consultant and associate professor At Dr. D Y Patil Ayurveda College, Pimpri, Pune.

Dr. Atul is working in the field of anorectal since last 8 years. He is post graduate of this subject from reknown Govt. College of ayurvedafrom Ernakulam, Kerala. He has develop his own treatment of anorectaldiseses, with the great combination of kerala Ayurvedic treatment along with allopathic treatment, which assures the 100% cure.

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dr sarita patil Gynaecologist lady doctor for piles vithai piles hospital pune

Dr. Sarita Patil (Dip. G.O.)

Proctologist and Gynaecologist

Director- Vithai Piles hospital, Kasarwadi, Pune.

Dr. Sarita Patil is Young and dynamic personality. Her eagerness to surpass the limits of the ordinary, led her to pursue a relatively unknown specialty – Proctology. She is master in anorectal disease associated with femanity.

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What Happens During Piles Laser Treatment?

Piles Diagnosis

We at Vithai Piles Clinic take great satisfaction in providing laser treatment for piles in PCMC, Pune, guaranteeing a highly effective and minimally intrusive solution to your problems. There is a possibility that your doctor will be able to see external hemorrhoids or piles. Hemorrhoids in the anal canal and rectum can be diagnosed by examining your rectum and anal canal. The doctor can detect external piles by physically inspecting them during laser pile treatment. In the case of internal hemorrhoids, the proctologist performs a digital examination to check the rectum for abnormal growth using a gloved, lubricated finger. In addition, the surgeon may choose a proctoscope, an anoscope, or a sigmoidoscope to examine the lower rectum to diagnose internal piles.

Our specialists have received the most up-to-date laser training, so no matter what issue you need treated, including laser treatment for fistulas or fissures, you can be sure you'll get the best, least-invasive care possible.

Laser-assisted Piles Treatment

The reputable source for successful pile laser treatment in PCMC, Pune, is Vithai Piles Clinic. Our team of skilled healthcare specialists is committed to offering you comprehensive care and solutions, since we recognize the agony and discomfort that come with piles. The most efficient method of treating piles is through laser-assisted treatment. In this procedure, a focused, narrow beam of light is used to shrink or ablate hemorrhoids without affecting surrounding tissues. With this procedure, patients can recover faster due to its minimally invasive nature. It is an advanced, minimally invasive procedure.

Our team of knowledgeable medical experts is committed to providing individualized care during laser treatment for piles, taking the time to comprehend your particular requirements, and creating a treatment plan that works best for you. Our top priority is the well-being of our patients, and we work hard to establish a caring and encouraging environment for the duration of your visit.

piles daignosis vithai piles clinic pune
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Different Types of Piles and Their Treatment

Piles are divided into two categories- internal piles and external piles. There are internal piles that form inside the rectum, and external piles that form underneath the skin around the anus. There are two types of these piles on the basis of whether they come out of the anus and if so, how far they come out. Pile prolapse is possible on both the internal and external sides around piles.

  • Grade 1: The growth does not cause symptoms and does not protrude out of the anus.
  • Grade 2: The piles may prolapse from the anus but return inside independently.
  • Grade 3: The piles prolapse and only recede within the anus with manual intervention.
  • Grade 4: The piles prolapse outside of the anus and a person cannot push them back in.

Benefits Of Laser Surgery

  • Minimal Bleeding & Pain
  • Improved Precision
  • Day Care Surgery
  • Shorter Recovery Time
  • Lesser bleeding during the procedure
  • No cuts, open wounds, or sutures
  • Higher success rate
piles laser surgery benefits vithai piles clinic in pune


Experienced Piles Surgeons Near you!


Laser surgery for piles is considered one of the most efficient and effective treatments for piles. It is minimally invasive and offers quicker recovery rates for the patient.

Yes. The Piles in 1st and 2nd stage are curable by combination of ayurvedic herbal and homeopathic medicines.

It is essential to seek medical attention for your hemorrhoids if you notice any of the following symptoms:
  • Blood before, during, or after passing stool.
  • You’re experiencing pain or discomfort.
  • Over-the-counter medications/creams are not working

Pregnant or not, the treatment for piles depends on your piles’ severity. Surgical intervention may be needed to remove prolapsed piles. These can be safely removed during any trimester of pregnancy.

The piles in 3rd and 4th degree stage require surgery. 3rd degree piles can be controlled by medicines but can’t be cured permanently only by medicines.

Ksharsutra treatment in piles can be done under local anesthesia and patient is discharged within an hour. Here no cut or stitches are taken. The ksharsutra is tied at the base of pile. So no need of general or spinal anaesthesia. After 8 to 10 days the piles get dry and shrink. They wash out during deification without any big wound.

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